Video Remote Interpreting

Hassle Free, Face-to-Face Interpreting

On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting 

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) helps people interact more personally than traditional “over the phone” interpreting because of visual context and visual queues. ICD Interpretation offers a low per-minute rate while eliminating the hassle of travel time, mileage fees, and wait time that are often associated with face-to-face interpreting.

Getting Started with VRI is easy!

All you need is internet access, a mobile device or computer, and a webcam; there’s no expensive equipment to rent or purchase. Our web and mobile app scheduling platform makes it easy to select the right certified interpreter.  

Certified Interpreters

Our interpreter’s have industry specific backgrounds and have to pass certification test before they are part of our team. Each interpreter undergoes HIPAA and privacy training to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of all personal information.

ICD Interpretation’s VRI Service Features:

High Quality

With ICD Interpretation’s exceptional high-resolution video and audio connection, you’ll be able to see and hear the interpreter as if they were right next to you in the same room!

VRI is a great solution for many industries. From healthcare and legal to education and travel, VRI provides a unique opportunity to connect your clients and community.


24/7 Support

ICD Interpretation is dedicated to improving communication for all your clients and patients needs and we offer 24/7 support to ensure that all parties feel comfortable with the platform.



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