Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Delivering an On-Demand Experience

On-Demand and Flexible Scheduling

ICD Interpretation will drastically cut your language services costs using our over the phone interpretation platform (OPI). On-demand OPI from ICD Interpretation allows users to connect to a qualified professional interpreter within seconds and costs significantly less than traditional onsite interpreting.

Advanced Audio Technology

We provide a next generation cloud based, audio technology that connects your phone to a professional interpreter. We offer the best on-demand language support available today.

Certified Interpreters

Our interpreter’s have industry specific backgrounds and have to pass certification test before they are part of our team. Each interpreter undergoes HIPAA and privacy training to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of all our personal information.

ICD Interpretation’s OPI Flexible Solutions:

  • Advanced features such as browser calling and native mobile app support.
  • Traditional IVR menu system for landline phones.
  • Customized and language dependent rate plans.
  • Full-time, dedicated customer support.
  • Access to interpreter in over 300 languages
  • Detailed customized usage reports.
  • Online tracking system and account management.

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