Business Interpretation

Enhancing Multilingual Communication to Grow your Business

Improving Global Business Relationships with Multilingual Communication

Corporate interpretation is more than just talking in a foreign language to a group of people. Tone, inflection, professionalism and personality, in addition to accurate translation of the words, are all integral to effective business interpretation. In fact, a professional and effective interpreter can be crucial to the outcome of business negotiations and employee development and retention.


Advanced Technology to Efficiently Communicate

in Multiple Languages and Grow your Business

  • ICD Interpretation’s advanced VRI system connects you with interpreters quickly and securely to facilitate business meetings with your global partners.
  • Access to highly-trained interpreters enhances the experience of conducting business while drastically cutting costs by shortening interpretation times with more effective communication and eliminating travel expenses.
  • Our VRI and OPI scheduling platform reduces the risk of late or missed appointments by interpreters. With high speed connections to over 300 languages supported through the platform.


Quality and Dependability

Our interpreters are certified in VRI confidentiality policy, and our Smart Reconnect System automatically reconnects you to the same interpreter in case of network failure.

Privacy, Security and Accessibility are our Top Priorities

  • Field Encryption • 256-bit version of SHA encrypts database fields including email addresses, address information, phone numbers and patient personal identifiers.
  • Communication Encryption • All endpoints for communication are fully encrypted with TSL/SSL Access
  • Infrastructure • Cloud-based, highly scalable data centers in alignment with the best security practices.
  • On-demand • Visual support with enhanced accuracy for the fifteen (15) most common languages and American Sign Language (ASL).
  • 1080p • High resolution video, and more than 30 fps.
  • Facial Expressions • See the interpreter and know they understood what was said.

24/7 Support

ICD Interpretation is dedicated to improving communication for all your business needs, and we offer 24/7 support to ensure that all parties feel comfortable with the platform.


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